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New job

Hello everyone who reads my small blog,

Time has come to choose a new job. I will be glad to consider your offers about something interesting in IT. You can find some information about me in LinkedIn profile or in this post below. Also you can contact me by email (just leave a comment below this post).


Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” (2004 – 2010)

Master of Science in Engineering and Technology. Computer Systems Engineering and Informatics. Technology of Software Development.

Work experience —12 years

Embarcadero Technologies Inc. (November 2011 – present)

Research and Development (R&D), Senior Developer

  • Development and supporting cross-platform UI library FireMonkey (FMX) for Windows (32, 64 bit), OSX, Android and IOS (32, 64 bit) with using Win API, Android API, Android NDK, iOS API, OSX API;
  • Creating IDE packages for RAD Studio.
  • Task solving research, starting with full analyze and ending with creating of software components;
  • Low-level programming with knowing features of working native application on each platform.
  • Creating part of components on Java language for Android (Java NDK, Java JNI, Android API)
  • Unit testing
  • Performance on conferences and webinars (Can be found by search request Ярослав Бровин or “Yaroslav Brovin”)


  • Designed and implemented architecture of cross-platform components, which allows to use native and self-created UI components in the same time (TPresentedControl, MVP, Presentations)
  • “Embarcadero R&D Awesome Employee Award”
  • Designed platform of android application for FireMonkey using NDK AppGlue (Created own version of AppGlue). That allowed to increase performance of android application and to solve problem with mixing native and self-created components;
  • Reseached a problem of dead lock of android application on start and finish and solved it;
  • I split platform of library on independent architectural subsystems that improved maintainability and supporting.
  • Implemented a lot of cross-platform components (TNotificationCenter, TAddressBookTMultiViewTDateEdit, TTimeEdit, Native TEdit, Native TMemo, TPresentedScrollBox, Sensors wrapper, PhoneDialer, Taking photo from camera and photo library, native share sheet, TMagnifierGlass and etc.)

My own initiative:

Zodiac Interactive

UI Senior Developer

  • Development UI for TV set-top box
  • Working on RSDVR project. Special program for recording TV programs in the USA and Canada


Delphi – Developer

  • Designing, development and supporting information systems and banks area.
  • Development of business-logic of e-commerce trade systems (FOREX). Using SQL-SPL on server side, externals procedures on Java Language for Informix database.
  • Creating reports with using FastReport.
  • Development special tools for deployment, management and monitoring of application servers
  • Support and improvement of existing systems (TV advertising trade system, accounting finance system).


  • Created system for remote deployment and managing of applications servers.
  • Solved a complex task of searching deals in trade system with large number of conditions
  • Developed convenient application for monitoring application services.
  • Invented special software for control versions of procedure source code of Informix database.


Extension of FireMonkey UI Framework (FGX)

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