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FireMonkey video courses

Good morning,

I’m glad to share with you a good news: “Launching video course about using styles in FireMonkey from one of developers FireMonkey“. It’s single, unique and the fullest video tutorial about styles all over the world. Which covers a lot of questions related with styles and exactly solves a lot of your tasks. I’m a author of this course and one of developer of FireMonkey.

Unfortunately current course is available only in Russian language. But i’m going to localize this course in english, so  if you are interested in this course, please, let me know about it, having written the comment below.

2 thoughts on “FireMonkey video courses about styles in FireMonkey

  1. C Johnson

    It is a big topic, a book would almost make more sense. Except that Embarcadero seems to keep making dramatic changes in styles between every major release.

    Lately, that trend has slowed somewhat, and hopefully that will take – but it makes it hard to want to put serious money into it, or encourage others to put in serious effort. The guy behind MonkeyStyler tried, and I suspect gave up after one too many breaking changes between versions.

  2. Daniel Grillo

    I’m from Brazil and very, very interested in this course, in english of course. 🙂


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